Polpo Group was created by Anthony Tumbiolo. Anthony has been an entrepreneur since he was a teenager. In high school he ran an e-commerce business, in college he ran an events business, and after graduating he created Jakt, a digital product & innovation studio. He ran that business for 7 years then sold it in 2019.

Anthony is now using the profits from his timing running Jakt + his operational experience to co-found other businesses & invest in alternative assets.

From an investment standpoint, Polpo Group primarily looks to take an equity position in businesses or assets that allow us to get paid via profit distributions each year. We also consider debt deals as well.

Occasionally Polpo Group will do traditional VC style investments with a long, illiquid hold terms, but this is not as common.

Why the name Polpo?

Polpo means octopus in Italian. My family is Italian so I decided to name the group Polpo instead of Octopus.

But why Octopus?

My personality type is INTJ and according to Google an octopus is the animal of INTJs. So I decided that was fitting.

And then I expanded the meaning a bit. I see all the tentacles of an octopus as all the different businesses and assets that combine to form a strong head at the top. They all combine to form a stronger whole and the head (Polpo Group) is what connects all of them, giving direction and guidance and ensuring the system works and is better together than apart.

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