Polpo Group was created as a holding company for cash-flow generating businesses & investments.



Polpo Group was created by Anthony Tumbiolo. Anthony has been an entrepreneur since he was a teenager. In high school he ran an e-commerce business, in college he ran an events business, and after graduating he created Jakt, a digital product & innovation studio. Anthony is now using profits + operational infrastructure created while building Jakt to co-found other businesses and invest in other assets.

Anthony has always loved business and creatively solving problems. He is obsessed with creating real, revenue and cash-flow generating businesses.

With Polpo Group he is exploring a different model to the traditional VC funding model. By co-founding and buying cash-flow generating businesses and assets, Polpo Group takes an equity position and gets paid via profit distributions (typically in an LLC structure). If an exit happens, great. But it’s not required at all. Polpo Group believes in creating businesses that add value to the world and in return the owners are paid via profits each year.

Oh, and as for the octopus you see above. Polpo means octopus in Italian. My family is Italian so I decided to name the group Polpo instead of Octopus. But why Octopus? My personality type is INTJ and according to Google an octopus is the animal of INTJs. So I decided that was fitting. And then I expanded the meaning a bit. I see all the tentacles of an octopus as all the different businesses and assets under Polpo Group that combine to form a strong head at the top. They all combine to form a stronger whole and the head (Pulpo Group) is what connects all of them, giving direction and guidance and ensuring the system works and is better together than apart.


Sound like you could be a good fit?