Polpo Finance

Polpo Finance:

Financial engineering services to help digital and creative agencies run more profitably and predictably.

Who Is This For?

  • Any type of agency

    • Marketing

    • Design

    • Software development

    • PR

    • Video production

    • Etc

Who Is This NOT For?

  • Any business that is NOT an agency

Who Is Behind This?

Polpo Group, which is the holding company that owns Jakt, a multi-million dollar agency

Why Are We Doing This?

We’ve been running Jakt for almost 7 years. Along the way, we’ve learned a ton.

One thing that has been crucial to our success and profitability each year is a strong understanding of finance, financial engineering and accounting.

We’re talking about the type of stuff you don’t just go to an accountant for, but is absolutely crucial to running a healthy and profitable business.

We deeply understand what it’s like to run a business, especially an agency. We’ve lived it for over 6 years. This is what makes us uniquely capable of offering this service.

We’ve constructed our own ideal accounting + finance offering, and now want to offer it to others.

When designing our service and pricing, our goal was to offer a better quality service than you could hire for full time at a cost that is less than a full time hire.

It’s what we wanted for ourselves at Jakt, so we created it.

The offering below is the exact same offering we use at Jakt and exactly the same pricing we pay for it. We are eating our own dog food. We’re not asking you to buy something we wouldn’t buy ourselves.


  • Bookkeeping+

    • Software setup (for bookkeeping, basic reporting, payroll for w2, payroll for contractors (US and on-US based), expensing )

    • Sending invoices

    • Collecting money

    • Receiving invoices from vendors

    • Payment to vendors

    • Rebalance cash accounts (weekly) and ensure ok with taxes

    • Expensing properly

    • Issuing 1099s

    • Reports

      • A/R

      • A/P

  • Reporting

    • A/R

    • A/P

    • Financial Statements

      • Income Statement (cash and accrual basis)

      • Cash flow

      • Balance sheet

    • Financial modeling (forecasting)

      • Of all financial statements

    • Other

      • Utilization reports

      • Per project profitability

      • Marketing spend analysis

      • Cost analysis

      • Credit line utilization or other financing utilization (credit card, bank loan, etc)

      • Runways analysis

      • Scenario analysis

      • KPI dashboard

  • Analysis

    • What do the reports and numbers mean

  • Advisory

    • How much should you charge?

    • Contract structure & payment terms

    • Pricing model / deal structure

    • Competitors and substitutes

    • Tax Strategy

    • Entity structure

    • Means of financing

    • Bank account structure

    • Debt vs equity financing

    • How to pay people outside the US

    • When to hire (full time vs contract)

    • How much to spend on marketing?

    • How much to spend on apex?

    • What should my gross margin be?

    • What should net margin be?

    • Decisions on cash management / cash flow management

  • Accounting

    • Filing Taxes (quarterly and yearly) - separate cost 1 off - $500-1500

      • Business

      • Personal

  • Personal Finance

    • How to manage your personal finances as an entrepreneur

      • What can you expense

      • How to run things through your business

      • Etc

  • Education

    • We won’t just operate in a black box we’ll also help you improve your accounting and finance acumen so you can better run your business


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