This is a Slack group created specifically to help service based businesses who are looking to break the $1M revenue mark. Growing a service based business is difficult, but it’s been done before, which means it can be done again. When I was starting my business, I didn’t have any guidance or mentorship. Along the way, I learned a ton simply by doing. I wish a group like this existed with people in similar stages of business as me when I was trying to break through the $1M mark, so I decided to create this resource to help people in positions like I have been in myself. I’ll be moderating the group and will be available to answer any questions based on my experience. I don’t believe in advice, but I do believe in sharing perspective and experiences. Every situation is unique so if I’ve been in a similar one, I can tell you about it. If I haven’t, I can provide a new perspective and help you think around the problem. Most importantly, this is a community for people at a similar stage to connect, learn, and support each other.

A note about the moderator: This group is moderated by Anthony Tumbiolo, CEO of Jakt, a digital product & innovation studio. Jakt crossed the $1M revenue mark in its second full year of operation in 2014, and in 2018 is on pace for ~$4M in revenue.

Future potential:

- Service Based Business Courses (things I wish someone would have taught me in business school)

- 1-1 Coaching